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Take all the virtues of the TREO Series subwoofers and top it all off with larger dual voice coils, double stack magnets, and insane power handling, and you end up with a TREO Series Extreme subwoofer.  It's what happens when Darwin starts designing speakers.

The TSX is even better for 2004. The TREO TSX now features a silver powder-coated basket, a debossed TREO logo on the magnet boot, and a new wrap-around gasket with an aluminum plate with the TREO Engineering logo. Power handling has increased over thirty percent; the ten and twelve inch models now handle 400 watts RMS and the fifteen inch models now handle up to 500 watts RMS!


  • Exciting new cosmetics for 2004
  • Available in 10, 12, and 15 inch diameters.
  • Precision CNC-machined low-carbon steel motor structure (208oz on TSX10.xx & TSX12.xx, 298oz on TSX15.xx)
  • Powerful and durable double-stacked strontium ferrite magnets with a protective rubber magnet boot
  • Durable and attractive black oxide-treated motor structure
  • High-flow large diameter pole vent
  • High excursion motor structure and suspension design
  • Wide three-layer UV-treated foam surround
  • Resin-impregnated poly-cotton damper for increased cone control
  • Integrated tinsel leads for increased reliability and enhanced sound quality at high excursion
  • Mica-impregnated polypropylene cone and dustcap
  • Cold-rolled stamped steel basket with rolled edges
  • 2.5 inch high-temperature Aluminum voice coils on TSX10.xx & TSX12.xx
  • 3.0 inch high-temperature Aluminum voice coils on TSX15.xx
  • Upgraded power handling to 400 Watts RMS on TSX10.xx & TSX12.xx
  • Upgraded power handling to 500 Watts RMS on TSX15.xx for 2004
  • Available with dual 2 Ohm and dual 4 Ohm voice coils for increased installation flexibility
  • Optimized for small to medium sealed, vented, and bandpass enclosures
  • Built by hand in the United States from domestic and imported components
  • Three year dealer installed warranty

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