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Available Sizes:

  • SSX6.5 6.5 Inch 200W RMS (three-way passive crossovers included)
  • SSX6.5-NXO 6.5 Inch 200W RMS (crossovers not included)
    (for use in systems using all active crossovers)
  • SSX6.5-Mid 6.5 Inch SSX6.5 C.A.S.H. Midrange Driver Only
  • SSX25t 25mm Silk dome/Titanium Dome Amalgam Tweeter Only

Download SSX Component Tech Sheet

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The all-new TREO ENGINEERING SSX Component speakers represent an uncompromised approach to the design and construction of flawless component speaker systems. TREO SSX components are the result of five years of research and development and the results are worth the wait.

TREO SSX midrange drivers feature design elements from the TREO SSX subwoofers such as black powder-coated die-cast aluminum frames, polished nickel motor structures and nickel-plated spring-loaded speaker terminals. TREO SSX component speakers feature ultra-stiff and light Composite Aluminum Sandwich Honeycomb (C.A.S.H.) cone material and high-excursion poly-cotton dampers with integrated lead wires. The frames and the motor structures of the woofers have machined perimeter ventilation holes for maximum voice coil cooling and power handling.

The tweeter of the TREO SSX components finally settles the age-old argument between silk and titanium tweeter dome materials by using a specially designed amalgam tweeter that features both. A 25mm silk dome tweeter is mounted in the bottom of a CNC-machined tweeter housing that incorporates a 14mm titanium dome tweeter mounted on a three-winged pedestal above the silk dome tweeter. A specially designed crossover is wired inline with the 2-way tweeter but can be removed for installations using active crossover networks.

The SSX passive crossover features air core inductors and the highest grade Mylar capacitors available. Both crossover channels are mounted on separate printed circuit boards to minimize crosstalk inside of a black anodized cast aluminum heat sink that shares its understated looks with TREO SSX amplifiers. A solid-state tweeter protection circuit ensures safety for the amalgam tweeters at maximum volume and provides for three discrete levels of tweeter output.

TREO SSX separates are also available separately for users who require additional tweeters or midrange drivers or those who are using active crossover networks.


  • amalgam tweeter with 25mm silk dome tweeter, 14mm titanium dome tweeter and CNC-machined aluminum housing
  • Composite Aluminum Sandwich Honeycomb (C.A.S.H.) cone mid-bass drivers
  • Resin-impregnated poly-cotton damper for great cone control
  • 4 ohm system impedance with high efficiency for use with large power amplifiers
  • Outboard 18 dB/octave crossovers with TREO SSX amplifier design
  • Long copper wound voice coil for distortion free listening
  • Powerful and durable low-profile strontium ferrite woofer magnet
  • Polished nickel motor structures
  • Natural rubber surrounds for superior dampening
  • Black powder-coated die-cast aluminum woofer frames with voice coil venting
  • Available in 6" only
  • Three year dealer installed warranty

Download SSX Component Tech Sheet

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